UK Puzzle Team Selection

The Otic Tower is closing in just over two weeks on the 13th July. I should be able to announce the results the day after. I’d like to thank every participant who already submitted their answers. Keep them coming!

Happening elsewhere is the UKPA Puzzle Championship. I sent in 4 puzzles, one broke and one wasn’t allowed to be used. So you’ll only see two contributions from me this year. A disappointment I hope to mend next year.

Good luck to the hopefuls competing for a spot on the UK puzzle team!

See you Upstairs

The gates of the Otic Tower are open!

From today till the 13th of July, you can tackle the challenges in the Otic Tower all the way up to the observation deck.
Full details can be read in the “About” section on the menu above. Start at Puzzle 1 and work your way in chronological order up to Puzzle 6, all of which are found in the same menu above.

Newcomers. This event contains reasonably difficult puzzles (near the end). I usually give each puzzle an example but not this time. Most of the puzzles are too familiar to warrant examples. If there are any questions you can either e-mail me or post your inquiry underneath that particular page. I’ll get to you as soon as possible.

After 29 days, one lucky solver will get a puzzle book delivered to his/her door.
Best of luck that it is you!

Get racing!

The Otic Tower Welcomes You


Took quite a long break but it’s finally here!

Before the end of this month the Otic Tower will be opened to all. Known for its breathtaking view from the observation deck, the 64m tall structure will challenge solvers as they make their ascent up the puzzling tower.

There will be 6 Skyscraper puzzles. After test-solving, I’m inclined to say that’s it a notch harder than the Nikoli Hurdles. Then again, it could be because I’m not as comfortable with Skyscrapers.

The Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament has been replaced by something else (you’ll have to reach the end to see what with). The prize this time is the Skyscrapers and Variants by Roland Voigt.


How appropriate!