UKPA Open 2016


Next weekend is the UKPA Open 2016, to be held at Selsdon Park Hotel in East Croydon (WPC/WSC 2014 venue) from 27-28th February. If I live in Europe, where intracontinental travelling is less of a hassle, the UKPA Open would certainly be my yearly fixture.

Over 2 days, you can compete in the Puzzles or the Sudoku section (ever better, why not both?). Not everyone might be familiar with who’s who in WPC-style puzzles, but I can assure you the line-up of the authors is impressive. We’re talking years of experience in both small events, online blogs and all the way up to the World Championships.

Also, at the UKPA Open, the lack of restriction gives authors a lot of room of creativity; and you can definitely see that in the instruction booklets. My round is called “Ticket to Puzzle” (a rip from a well-known board game) and will feature railroads, train tickets and even Thomas the Tank Engine.

If you’re interested, applications can be made here.
Have fun!