Crack on!

cluebanner1And we’re off!

Important political figures and billionaires gathered at Tudor Mansion celebrating entrepreneur Dr. Black’s winning of the prestigious Holmstrom-Hart Award. As the party die down and guests trickle out the door – the adventure in the after hours begin.

By dawn, Dr. Black’s lifeless body was found outside the mansion’s gates. Detectives concluded that the murder actually took place somewhere inside.

Who killed Dr. Black?

With what?

And where?

Truth will only be revealed with the help of 9 video tapes, each located in different rooms. The video cameras are encrypted and can only be opened with the correct passwords. Unfortunately, only Dr. Black knows what the passwords are. However, you can too, by solving the puzzles in each room.

Enter each room at the menu above and submit your answers at the CELLAR. Partial entries are accepted and only the latest entry from each person counts. Further details can be found at the HOW TO PLAY PUZZLEDO.

Here’s a checklist to keep track of your progress: Checklist


Good luck and stay alive!

March is Detective Month

Coming up is SOTR’s first long narrative event. It will based on the classic board game Cluedo (or just Clue for American readers).

clue-boxA prize-winning economist Dr. Black was murdered inside his own Tudor Mansion. Your job is to use a series of whodunit-style clues to solve the mystery (which VIP guest killed the doctor, with what weapon and where). Clues are presented in the form of video footages within each room. To unlock each VDO camera you must solve the puzzles in each room.

Solving puzzles and the final mystery earns you points, (maximum is 200). However, the highest scorer isn’t necessarily the winner. You are competing to earn one of 8 spots in the Main Tournament; 4 spots for the highest scorers, 2 wild card spots and 2 spots for early birds (1 for the first person to reach 100 points and 1 for the first person to solve the mystery).


Therefore it is a race to secure one of these 8 spots. If you’re aiming to be the early bird, you are advised to submit partial entries to secure those spots as quickly as you can. You can then later re-submit for more points.

The doors will open on 1st March and will last one month. Take this time to carefully read HOW TO PLAY PUZZLEDO on the menu above for all the details in this event.
See you at Tudor Mansion!