2022 UKPC Winners

The 2022 UK Puzzle Championship ended last week. I wrote 6 puzzles including ones that were obviously by me. A Banksy sighting made the news last August, where the secretive artist’s work popped up in Suffolk. The picture has very little details and would make a lame Spot-the-Differences so I modified the boat a bit.

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Win PULZE at the UKPC

The 2022 United Kingdom Puzzle Championship happens next week. The instructions are out and you might be able to guess which puzzles I wrote. UKPA hosted what was my first ever stint as an author. I’ve always been glad to repay my gratitude by helping with their tests since. Now that I launched a puzzle mag, I’d like to offer a small prize to this year’s champion, to which UKPA kindly agreed.

The top UK solver, the top overall solver and the 29th best solver will receive our inaugural issue of PULZE. Should they already own it, we’ll send them the second issue instead. And should the top UK solver and the top overall solver be the same person (hi Freddie), we’ll give another prize to the best non-UK solver.

Good luck and get practising!

Please meet Pulze

Hello everyone!

Sorry for yet another unexplained silence but I am back with news. While I was not tending to Puzzle Lounge, I closed another chapter of higher education. Though, I am technically still in an unsettled lingo of life transition. On the puzzle front, I was part of the team that organized the World Puzzle Convention. We crammed so much content into that event it’s crazy. It was weeks of meetings, grinding out hundreds of PDFs and hectic general maintenance. On one hand it broke me in half. I think I slept 2-3 hours a day that fortnight. On the other hand, it was a privilege to be part of such a strong team with so much combined WSPC hosting experience. I learnt a ton.

With that over, I was able to devote more time to something I have always wanted to do: start a magazine.

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SOTR Holiday Quiz 2021-22

Merry Christmas readers!
Apologies for another unfortunate hiatus. Sigh, it was going so well during the year’s first half too. I hope the WS+PC made up for it though. Here is our traditional Holiday Quiz with another book prize for the winner. Next on SOTR’s agenda is capping off Puzzle Lounge so we can tinker with other experiments. Thank you for sticking around, enjoy the last few days of 2021 and I’ll see you next year.

Instructions: Answer as many questions as you can. You do not have to answer all the questions. Submit your entry using the entry form below. The highest scorer will receive a copy of Nikoli no Penpa 2022, published by Nikoli. You can submit multiple times but only your latest submission will count – so you can change your answers until the deadline on Wednesday 12th January. Questions can be made by commenting on this post or by e-mail to roygbivpuzzles (at) gmail (dot) com.

Tie-Breaks: If the highest score is achieved by multiple entrants, the entry that scored the highest in Lost in Translation (question 4) wins. If the tie remains unbroken; the entry that scored the highest in Embedded (question 6) wins. Rock-Paper-Scissors will decide any further ties

Happy quizzing!

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The Extinction of BRANDS Queen’s Cup

Hello readers, I’m in the middle of a relocation and that means having to do some file-keeping across computers. So far, I’ve lost two weeks’ worth of Puzzle Lounge content (cries) but some write-ups were salvageable. This is a post about my personal experience at the 2019 BRANDS Tournament which happened on 5-7th July 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand. It was written near the end of 2019, and I have edited parts of it, so it makes sense now that it has been 2 years since. Photos courtesy of Thailand Crossword Association, Thananon Boonkrong and myself.

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