I’m Back!

I never wanted to leave my blog unattended for over a month but when one has to travel to 3 cities in 3 countries, rehearse for a quiz show, participate in 3 tournaments and sit 2 exams in a span of just over 5 weeks – I guess it can’t be helped.

A while back, I applied to be on a television quiz show and taped my episode early last month. It’s going on air tomorrow and I’m ready to claim my 15 minutes of fame. I then gave terrible performances in two local chess tournaments. My highlight was almost holding a FIDE master to a draw in an equal rook-pawn endgame where I end up losing on time. I still can’t get over that loss.

It’s off to Malaysia the next day where I represented my school at the 11th Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz in Kuala Lumpur – preparing for that took weeks.


The fierce competition saw 83 teams from 21 countries (mainly from Asia) taking part. National University of Singapore narrowly defeated last year’s champ Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University, in an exciting quiz-off.

I'm seated in the picture but I won't tell you where.

I’m seated in the picture but I won’t tell you where.

The next morning after coming back from Malaysia, I sat my last final for the term. My two-week holiday started off nicely with a trip to London. I spent hours at the London Chess Shop (a.k.a. Heaven for chess fanatics) before finally deciding to purchase a rather pricy chess set and a couple of chess books. I also got IM Malcolm Pein to sign my book!


As soon as I got back from the UK, my travelling continued in a 2-hour bus ride with college friends to Pattaya – Thailand’s famous tourist city. Everything is overpriced there but still cheap compared to major currencies worldwide. We spent two days on an island, commuting with rental motorcycles.


My last weekend was spent at the Sudoku Teams Championship where each team consists of two members. I, being the current University Men’s Champion, paired up with University Women’s Champion competing for one of only 2 spots in the finals. Each duo is given 10 sudokus to solve. I solved 3, while my partner ripped through 6!
What’s left was the Killer Sudoku so we went over that together at the end.

We finished second but it turned out we had a mistake in our Killer Sudoku. The team that took the vacant spot was none other than Sinchai and his girlfriend. The two lost the finals to two regular players that are unfortunately inactive on LMI.

So all this explains my long absence. But while I was away from my computer, I did remember to carry my notebook with me:


Can you guess what’s going on in my next event?