Mother’s Day Update

Happy Mother’s Day, at least in NZ anyway.

A lot has been done during the one month inactivity. I was on holiday travelling a lot, college has now opened, numerous online puzzle tests took place and Prasanna got his prize from the Nikoli Hurdles.

Speaking of online tests, this weekend LMI will host its first standard-rated puzzle test since January (Best of LMI)!
Ivan Koswara is providing 18 twisted puzzles in his Deception, which I partly helped test-solve.

Two things I’d like to emphasize are firstly, construction has begun on my next event which I hope to announce soon.
It will be logic-based – hopefully culture-neutral as well.

Secondly, I still routinely pop into Puzzle MAT for my weekly book reviews which I started doing this year. Do visit every Tuesday where a puzzle book will be reviewed in detail especially for international solvers who can’t really flick through the pages when buying online. It is now up to its 20th review this week and going strong. I do cover word puzzles as well so you might want to skip those if they’re not your cup of tea.

Thanks for popping in and I’ll see you in our next event.