Results of Nikoli Hurdles 2

It has been an exciting 29 days and the track is now closed. To determine the winner, all competitors that have reached the finish line took part in Minority Decides, where everyone picks a choice of answers and the minority will prevail. Last time we played Minority Decides was during Race up the Sky, where only 17 people participated. We have more than twice that many since I have received 44 entries to Nikoli Hurdles 2.

Here is the list of entries in the order of submission:

  1. Prasanna Seshadri
  2. Swaroop Guggilam
  3. Ashish Kumar
  4. Edison He
  5. Stefan Tomlins
  6. Sky Net
  7. Nick Brady
  8. Raphael Lehrer
  9. Matej Uher
  10. Walker Anderson
  11. Thomas Powell
  12. Liane Robinson
  13. Ken Levine
  14. Nikola Zivanovic
  15. Adam Dewberry
  16. Dylan Gibbs
  17. James McGowan
  18. Alan O’Donnell
  19. Alberto Fabris
  20. Rakesh Rai
  21. Gareth Moore
  22. Emma McCaughan
  23. Nick Deller
  24. Michael Mosshammer
  25. Jakub Hrazdira
  26. Robert Vollmert
  27. John Reid
  28. Grayson Holmes
  29. Michael Collins
  30. Katarina Cvenic
  31. Daniel Cohen
  32. Hayashi Makoto
  33. Jakub Ondrousek
  34. Ivan Koswara
  35. Way Tan
  36. Jack Bross
  37. Andrew Brecher
  38. David Cohen
  39. Ruben Gafencu
  40. Maja Gribajcevic
  41. Peter Bereolos
  42. Alan Lemm
  43. Yuhei Kusui
  44. Salih Alan

That’s a long list!
I’m not complaining, the more the merrier. If you are one of the 44 listed above, note your number and follow your progress below.
Let’s play Minority Decides!

Question 1: Now that you’ve completed the track, what are you going to do now?
A: I think I’ll take a nap now
B: I’m going to find more puzzles to solve!
nh2resa20 people chose answer A,
24 people chose answer B.
The correct answer is A! 
20 nappers moving on.

Question 2: Did you wake up late this morning?
A: Late? I’m always on time
B: Yea, I slept through 4 alarms
nh2resb11 people chose answer A,
9 people chose answer B.
The correct answer is B! 
9 people who not only chose napping over puzzling, but also late-wakers, are moving on!

Question 3: What do you do when you have trouble sleeping?
A: Listen to music
B: Count sheep

6 people chose answer A,
3 people chose answer B.
The correct answer is B! 
We are down to our final three! Well done sheep-counters!

Question 4: You’re on an African safari trip, what’s that on your left?
A: A pride of roaring lions
B: A herd of stampeding elephants

0 people chose answer A,
3 people chose answer B.
No correct answer! 
No one is bulging.
Let’s introduce our final 3:
Stefan Tomlins is still exercising his beginner’s luck since July Giants, held a few months ago, was his very first event here at SOTR. On the other hand, Thomas Powell submitted a fair number of entries at my blog. He knows what winning feels like, since he became one of the shared winners of Anchors Aweigh earlier this year. Finally Salih Alan, wearing the number 44, sent his entry just a few minutes before I closed the contest. Close call! Salih is all too familiar with my puzzles, as he edits them for Akil Oyunlari several times a year. Good to see him entering my contest for the first time. Let’s see who will win!

Question 5: How do you prefer solving puzzles?
A: Pencil and paper
B: On electronic devices
nh2rese0 people chose answer A,
3 people chose answer B.
No correct answer! 
Oh come on guys. Move around a bit more!

Question 6: How is the year going for you?
A: I’ve done a lot in 2014, can’t wait for 2015!
B: It’s October already? I wish time would slow down

1 person chose answer A,
2 people chose answer B.
The correct answer is A! 

Congratulations to Stefan Tomlins from New Zealand!
He will receive the latest Nikoli Penpa 2015 which will be published early next month. You, too, can win as long as you enter! So if you missed out, come back next time.

That is it for Nikoli Hurdles 2, thanks for being with me throughout October.
Here are the 8 puzzles combined in this PDF right here
As usual, answers and little notes about each puzzle will be posted in the next few posts.
I’m already writing puzzles for future events and hope to see you all there again. Check back regularly for puzzle-related posts and notices about upcoming contests. Even better, subscribe to SOTR and have all updates sent to your inbox!

Happy Halloween!


Nikoli Hurdles 2: Last stretch

nh2offbannerOnly 5 days to go!
I have sent replies to all entries that I’ve received thus far. If you believe you have submitted but have not yet receive an e-mail from me, please resend your entry.
rcroyYou may have noticed the label: “Reader’s Choice” in Masyu and Slitherlink. Reader’s Choice provides an opportunity to make sure your favourite puzzle appear in the next set of hurdles. Below are five number-filling puzzle types.
Which puzzles would you like to see in Nikoli Hurdles 3?
I’ll collect your votes and announce the tally later on. You can choose up to 3 types.

[Poll is now closed]

Check back in a few days for the announcing of Nikoli Hurdles 2 results!

Half way to go


We are approaching half way into Nikoli Hurdles 2. All entries that were sent in have been replied to.
I usually take up to 3 days to send a reply, so if you have submitted an entry and not yet receive a confirmation e-mail – please resend your entry.
Also, make sure to spell your e-mail address correctly, otherwise my reply might not reach you.
Thank you all for the entries that are coming in, I enjoy keeping a tally of your records.

If you have any worries, feel free to send me an e-mail about it.
Happy puzzling!