Mailbox + Vote for NH5

All the puzzles from Nikoli Hurdles 4 are now available at the PAST COMPETITIONS tab above. Before we move on, a proper send-off is suitable. I’ll share some thoughts and a few feedbacks from the solvers.

Also here’s a chance to see your favourite puzzle in NH5.
You can vote for up to 4 types. (voting closed)


Mail box:
Michael T: I’m a newcomer to logic puzzles so this introduced me to some nice new types like LITS and Masyu. I thought Masyu was the hardest by far, although probably someone more experienced would have a much easier time.

Masyu and LITS are as common as logic puzzles go, and I seem to have taken it for granted. I hope future events don’t scare away potential puzzle solvers. And to be fair, the Masyu was no-walkover, it was quite difficult.

The most talked about puzzle was Puzzle 8 (Tile Paint).
Here’s some selected comments.

E: I could see that it was a picture of junk food. I tried HAPPYMEAL before MCDONALD’S though
Prasanna:  The last answer could be HAPPYMEAL just as well as MCDONALDS 😉

Ahh.. I did not think of HAPPY MEAL (coincidentally also 9 letters long) at all. Even if I did, I’d still go with the more foreigner-friendly MCDONALDS as the answer.

Kishore: I had to seek help of someone else to complete it. I have never been to Mcdonalds nor seen their logo. Better to avoid puzzles of [this] sort.

Apologies about my ignorance of McDonalds being unfamiliar to certain people, maybe because I’m just a fast food nut.

Nikola:  I almost gave up when my 5 years little girl recognized the final picture!

I like this story a lot. That last time you took her to McDonalds paid off!

I’m a sucker for colourful variety puzzles so the personal favourite puzzle award goes to Hamburgers. This type is a knock-off of Yosenabe. Instead of adding numbers, you had to make hamburgers. The idea came from Nikoli Puzzle Communication (issue 141) where the puzzle took the theme of making a hot-pot. I went with the more well-known burgers – also tying it with the McDonalds theme at the end.

Nikoli Communication 141

Nikoli Communication 141

Antonis: The Hamburgers thing was quite unexpected – the design may have legs.

The original version I wrote was a killer, easily a puzzle 8. But when I tested it, I thought I would make it easier by tweaking some of the regions. It turned out that the change allowed a crucial initial step to be bypassed – which made the puzzle tremendously easier.

You could start by guessing which dish belonged to the Filet-O-Fish and the puzzle pretty much solves itself. I was very annoyed at this point, but I had already spent 3-4 hours writing it and my roommate wasn’t happy with me staying up and using the light so I retired to bed 🙂

Thomas: Maze, Nansuke, Hamburgers and especially Block Party were excellent in both solving and bringing something a bit different from the usual types.
Ivan: Hamburgers (not sure the actual type) was too easy.
Giovanni: The Yosenabe gave me a bit of a problem too, but I found the logic and it solved nicely from there.

James: Also wondered if the “Menu” was a hyperlink clue, but couldn’t find anything smart to do with it.

And we have an easter-egg hunter!
There were 2 secret puzzles hidden in previous events. One, where a lot of people found, was in Manila. And one, where no one found, was in … oh… better keep it to myself for now since I might re-use it later. 😉

Bonus fact. Originally, I had 5 SOTR veterans as the names of the burgers, but dropped all of them for simple names instead. Somehow, [Nick] Brady’s BLT survived the cut.

That’s it for now, until next time!