NH3: Problem with Puzzle 6

An error in Puzzle 6 caused problems for a few solvers. I understand and agree with suggestions that I should have test solvers. However, the idea of having someone to not be eligible for prizes irks me.

So what I do the last couple of years is this: I launch an event. And then I stay in front of the computer screen for a few hours until several entries start trickling in. The early solvers essentially act as test solvers and, even better, they can still win prizes. What happened last night was that Nikoli Hurdles 3 started and a moment later, I received a handful of submissions.

Thinking nothing went wrong, I went to bed and then to class. Now I realize (from a lot of emails) that Puzzle 6 indeed had multiple solutions, it is fixed now. I hope this does not distract you too much and I will try even more to get rid of these errors in the future.

Nikoli Hurdles 3 starts now!

Nikoli Hurdles 3 is finally ready.
So we’ll have 8 puzzles to be solved in chronological order starting at Puzzle 1 and all the way to Puzzle 8.


Everyone who reaches the finish line will have a chance to win the latest Nikoli Penpa 2016.   For Nikoli Hurdles 3, we will be revisiting Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine our winner but with a little twist. In a knockout tournament, we lose half of the competitors in every round, eventually ending with the sole winner. This time, 5 solvers will get an extra-boost to increase their odds of winning.

The first solver to reach the finish line will enter the tournament in round 3! That means he/she will compete with only ¼ of the solvers. That’s a huge advantage, but does not necessarily mean that he/she will win. Additionally the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 29th solver to reach the finish line will start the tournament from round 2. Those 4 will start competing with half the original line-up of competitors. The rest is fair game.

More information can be found at the ABOUT NIKOLI HURDLES 3 page on the menu above.
To get started, head to START-0m and start puzzling!

Good luck and have fun!

October already?

I still find it hard to believe SOTR has been deserted for two months. On the flip side, Nikoli Hurdles 3 is pretty much ready but while patching up loose holes here and there, another look at the calendar told me that WSC/WPC was already approaching. At this time of writing, Kota Morinishi had just defended his title, becoming the 2015 World Sudoku Champion.


So it is probably best to run Nikoli Hurdles after WSC/WPC. Speaking of Nikoli, the 15th Nikoli Derby ended today and I finished at the best possible place to not win a prize: 11th! That. Disappointment! I’d love to run a Nikoli Derby when this blog gets more readers.


Safe travels to those in (or heading to) Bulgaria. Sadly, I’m not there but my puzzles will be! Long time readers might recognize my contributions. The WPC instructions booklet is not available online; I’m guessing competitors might’ve received printed versions of it instead. Although, I do wish to see what the organizers have in store for this year.