Puzzledo closing in 2 days

PuzzleDo will be closed in just over 48 hours from now.

If you’re still lost in Tudor Mansion, I highly recommend submitting partial entries. You can still win the Pick a Room prize without qualifying for the main tournament, providing you scored at least 100 points. You can also guess the final mystery and hopefully have a few correct guesses in there.
Anything to increase your odds!

Results will be announced shortly after the contest closes.
Good luck everyone!

Somewhere in Tudor Mansion…

We have about 12 days left of PuzzleDo.

The tournament bracket is still filling up. However, as of now, Wild Card spots have not yet been taken. If there are no wild cards by the end of the event, the two spots will be left empty. This means the solver that takes positions 1 and 2 in the main tournament will automatically qualify to the semi-finals.

How to get those Wild Cards, you say?
Well, Tudor Mansion is very big. You might stumble across one if you’re vigilant enough… or perhaps listened carefully to what someone said in the video footages…

You could always qualify for the main tournament by scoring in the top 4. Right now, there are less than 4 perfect scores so it will be close.

Happy solving!