Results of SOTR Quiz


And we are ready to announce this year’s first winner!
But first, let’s look at the answers.

Q1: Inklings
Can you figure out what other puzzles have been solved based only on their inklings?quizinklingsA is Yajilin,
B is Sudo-kurve,
Most of you said Classic Sudoku for B which I decided to not accept. It is too unnatural for a sudoku to have all corner 3×3 boxes already filled in, which would make a very lousy puzzle. The geometry seen here was a typical layout of Sudo-kurve. Only Manea got this one right.
C is Tents,
D is Tight-Fit Sudoku, note how some numbers are larger than others.
E is Different Neighbours. Note how dots are marked where all four vertices meet.

Q2: Architect
What is this construction?quizfeatThis is the 17x17x17 Rubik’s Cube – which is the largest dimension ever built that can actually work. The man is Oskar van Deventer, a Dutch puzzle maker.

Q3: Secret Santa
Who is this person dressed up as Santa Claus?

santawho Only two people identified Wayne Gould. In 2004, this New Zealand-born Hong Kong judge walked into the London Times office and got them to publish Sudoku in their newspapers. This created the worldwide Sudoku boom.
Thanks Wayne!


Q4: Instructionless
Tell me what this puzzle type is.

christmaswhatIf you tried solving this as a Ripple Effect, it will have a unique solution. Boy, this puzzle was frustrating to make. Took me almost two hours.

Q5: Art Gallery
What puzzle type is this?


Japanese solvers would recognize the kanji above as Akari. Here’s a picture from the latest Nikoli Puzzle Box. I wonder why the romanji for ‘museum’ wasn’t used as the name instead.


Q6: Turkish Art Gallery
Turkish Art Paint is better known in the puzzle community as what?
According to its inventor Serkan Yurekli, Tapa is actually an acronym and is short for Turkish Art Paint. I can’t help but smile when I received an entry from Serkan himself!

Q7: Christmas Trees

Can you figure out which two trees (out of the given choices) would belong to Swaroop and Grant?

quiztreesquizztrees2No maths is involved here, the stars simply resemble to the first letters of the tree owners’ names. Swaroop’s tree would be number 1 (S) and Grant’s (G) would be number 2.

Q8: Transformations 
Can you figure out what these puzzles have become?

8a) Masyu rules apply; however all cells must be visited. There is no requirement of having to go straight after turning at a black circle. You can also go through white circles without having to turn immediately before or after each white circle.
8b) Nurikabe rules apply; however shaded cells do not have to be connected. You may have 2×2 areas of shaded cells.
8c) Spiral Galaxies rules apply; however some circles are black. Once you have completed the puzzle, shade in regions with black circles.
8d) Slitherlink rules apply; however clue numbers outside the loop represents the number of its edges that are not used by the loop.

Tough set of questions here.
In 8a, Masyu turns into Dutch Loop.
8b, Nurikabe turns into Lakes.
8c, Spiral Galaxies becomes Tentai Show. Also acceptable is Sym-a-Pix (Conceptis).
8d, Slitherlink becomes Polygraph. Some of you had In-Out Slitherlink which was unacceptable because the clues outside the loop had to increase by 1 to represent the unused edges.

Q9: Sudoku
Below is a sudoku, what is so significant about this particular puzzle?

quizsudoFinnish mathematician Arto Inkala came up with this puzzle in 2012. He claimed, by using some algorithms and advanced programming, that this is the world’s hardest Sudoku ever. I’m not going to solve it and you shouldn’t either.

10 solvers submitted answers. E H and Antonis were set to tie for first with 44/60 (with E H having the better tie-break). Then Alan scored 43/60, which had me re-verifying and triple checking everyones’ answers. Then out of nowhere on the last day, James blasted the field with 54/60!
sotrquiz1617resCongratulations to James McGowan from New Zealand!

He wins the Toteoki Fillomino to keep him busy throughout the entire year. As the only person to score full marks in the Transformations section, I can’t help but think that he just reeled off all the answers from the top of his head without any research.
James becomes the second double-winner at SOTR. Long time readers would remember who the first double-winner was… woah… that was a long time ago.

Thank you to all those who took part, it is great to see fellow puzzle fans showing their puzzle knowledge and experience here.
By the way, the next event is happening shortly.
It is another boardgame-inspired one.

See you there!

Last day of SOTR Quiz

sotrquiz2016Last chance to enter the SOTR Holiday Quiz, submissions will close one day from now and results will follow.
It’s coming down to the wire this year, with some very close scores!

Those who have entered, now’s the final chance if you want to edit your answers.
Good Luck!

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