Flashback Puzzles


Flashbacks are puzzles from previous tests, events or competitions that I’ve authored. Here are selected personal favourites with added notes, comments and back stories about them.

Puzzles from the 11th 24HPC (November, 2010)
1. Overlapping Sudoku
2. 4x4x4 Minesweepers
3. Tents Reconstruction

Puzzles from UKPA Puzzle Cruise (July, 2011)
4. Count Me In
5. Pentomino Pool
6. The Giant Octopus

Puzzles from Debsirin Sudoku Championships (August, 2011)
7. Quadruple Sudoku
8. Killer Sudoku
9. Alphabet Diagonal Sudoku

Puzzles from the 12th 24HPC (November, 2011)
10. Return Home
11. Yajilin
12. Shape Sudoku

Puzzles from Puzzle Fusion (November, 2011)
13. Kropkuro
14. LITS2
15. Searchdoku
16. Akasuke

Puzzles from UKPA Manchester Open (April, 2012)
17. Tetromino Minesweepers
18. Five Pair Sudoku
19. Retrograde Battleships
20. Product Sudoku