WSC in brief


Due to exams, I had to rebook my flights to arrive in Beijing on Monday morning, only hours before round 1.
Exams took away most of my preparation time so I was relying on experience.
Quite ironic, a newbie at a WSC has to rely on “experience”.

Results were first posted after the first classics round: I was at 11th!
Then R1-R3: where I dropped to 14th
I ended day one, after round 5 at 17th

After a talk with my team, we thought if I kept this up, I would probably finish somewhere between 10th-20th. So we decided it is best to take a risk in the lengthy round 9, namely by tackling the 6-outside sudoku (at 66 points, it was worth three easier puzzles) at all cost. Well, it did took away 35 minutes and I could not finish it.

The gamble backfired and I end up at 29th/31st (some last minute corrections I’m not aware of). Not the best debut performance but I try to convince myself I’m capable of a top 20 finish since that was where I was most of the time.

Fantastic experience. Great meeting puzzle people in person for the first time.

Today I purchased two copies of something. One for myself and another for the winner of my next event. Sadly, my laptop is being fixed so everything has to wait. I do have a longer version of my WSC experience which I hope to share once my computer is ready.

Push back


With the WPC/WSC happening in two weeks, I’ve decided to push back my next event until late October. I’ll be competing in the WSC only and will miss out on the WPC for several reasons:

  1. Thailand fielded in a proper sudoku team for the first time ever.
  2. Asking for a 5 day leave from college is impossible.
  3. No one from my country is staying for the WPC, so staying alone would be pretty sad (especially in the team rounds).

In my mind, I’m still more of a puzzle-generalist than a sudoku-specialist. I’m sure I’ll be sadder when the WPC booklet comes out, and I see what I’ll be missing out on.

I’m very excited for my WSC debut, there are over 150 participants! The semifinals seem too far of a reach so I’ll be happy with a top 30 finish.