Results of Nikoli Hurdles 4

36 people have made their trip over 8 hurdles during the past month. Among the finishers; we have 11 former prize winners and 6 newcomers. Welcome, welcome!

Let’s play Minority Decides!
Take note of your number and see how far you went. Numbers are assigned by order of submission:

  1. Edison He,
  2. Zach Polansky
  3. Grant Fikes
  4. Nick Brady
  5. Stefan Tomlins
  6. Ivan Koswara
  7. Ken Levine
  8. Antonis Lalatsas
  9. Robert Vollmert
  10. Michael Lasserre
  11. Walker Anderson
  12. Prasanna Seshadri
  13. Min-Young Joo
  14. Matej Uher
  15. Nikola Zivanovic
  16. Arturo Vial Arqueros
  17. James McGowan
  18. Kishore Kumar Sridharan
  19. Alan O’Donnell
  20. Tom Collyer
  21. Thomas Powell
  22. Jakub Hrazdira
  23. Swaroop Guggilam
  24. Gavriel Hirsch
  25. Liane Robinson
  26. Michael Mosshammer
  27. Franck Wallez
  28. Neil Brown
  29. Victor Larsen
  30. Michael Tang
  31. Grayson Holmes
  32. Fernando Almazan Gil
  33. Giovanni Pagano
  34. Andrew Brecher
  35. Sumet Juariyamark
  36. Moyd Farhan Bin Hassin

Here we go!

Question 1: Do you like hamburgers?
A: Love’ em!
B: I’m more of a salad person

16 people chose A
20 people chose B
Correct answer is A!
16 hamburger-eaters are moving on!

Question 2: You are in a shopping mall, where do you go to whet your appetite?
A: McDonalds

8 people chose A
8 people chose B
No correct answer, we’ll move onto the next question.

Question 3: What sauce would you like that with?
A: Tomato sauce, please
B: Mustard, please
nh4resc5 people chose A
11 people chose B
Correct answer is A!
We’re down to just 5 people!

Question 4: And your choice of sides?
A: Crispy fries
B: Chicken nuggets
nh4resd1 person chose A
4 people chose B
Correct answer is A!

Congratulations to Ivan Koswara from Indonesia!
He wins the Nikoli Puzzle the Giants 2016 issue!

Warm applause to Michael, Min-Young, Andrew and Sumet for coming so close. Interestingly, the correct answers were all A’s. Ivan’s submission of AAAAAAAB won him the event outright. We had two submissions from Tom and Farhan who went with BBBBBBBB, right concept but wrong letter!

Ivan has been a long time veteran of this blog, submitting entries since Nikoli Hurdles 2 without missing a single event. I’m happy he is finally rewarded. As for everyone else, thank you all for participating and I hope to see you again next time. If you want a reminder to your inbox – hit the Subscribe button on the right and guarantee you’ll never miss an event.

Until next time…

Happy Halloween!


Finish Line list added


We are approaching halfway of Nikoli Hurdles 4.

On the right hand side of this page (if you’re viewing this on a computer), you should see the list of people who are already at the finish line.

You have over two weeks to join them!
Special kudos to Edison, Zach and Grant (you’re the bad foxger!) who are our top 3 for this event. But in the end, everyone is on equal ground for winning the prize. If you think your name is missing, please resubmit your entry.

Good luck!