Cranium-Crushing Kakuro

Hello readers!
I’m very curious to see how long you take to solve this very difficult Kakuro.
Post your times below!

You have been warned.


Cranium-Crushing Slitherlink

Tens and thousands of Slitherlink puzzles have been written.
But nothing can prepare you for this…
After years of experimenting, mankind have now figured out how to include a “4”  clue in a classic Slitherlink grid!

Hardest. Slitherlink. Ever.


Cranium-crushing Battleships

One puzzle had to be excluded from Anchors Aweigh because it was too difficult. On second thought, I decide to post the said puzzle here. Standard Battleships rules appply.

You have been warned.


In all seriousness, we have now reached half time for my current competition, Anchors Aweigh. If your feet is still dry, head over to the about page and get started!

A handful of puzzle-solving pirates have already arrived in Yubotu Island.
Join us!  Join us!