About Nikoli Hurdles 5


Nikoli Hurdles reaches its 5th edition!
Nikoli Hurdles is a contest consisting of 8 puzzles. Start solving at Puzzle 1 and use the answer to unlock Puzzle 2. The answer to Puzzle 2 unlocks Puzzle 3 and so on. After solving all 8 puzzles; submit your name at the finish line and you’re in the draw for a prize.

Simple as that!
The running course will be open for 20 days and there will be no hints. Those who have a reasonable experience with logic puzzles should find this a light jog, but for beginners, it can get quite tough. Follow the instructions carefully when entering passwords.

One lucky winner will win Nikoli no Penpa 2018 edition. Early Christmas present!
The method of determining the winner will be elaborated at the finish line.

Some puzzles may not be well known (not the usual Nikoli puzzles you see at their site). Apart from logic, Nikoli magazines also contain several types of word puzzles and visual puzzles. If you find this a struggle, queries/help can be made here.

Happy Solving!


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