Sorry for the Drought

During the 8 month drought here at SOTR, a plethora of things have been happening behind the scenes. I will spend the next few weeks posting recaps of 3 offline events I’ve attended this year; the Asia Sudoku Championship, the 24 Hour Puzzle Championship and, most recently, the Brands Sudoku Queen’s Cup.

Next month, I will be in Germany for the World Puzzle Championship. The recap for that should follow soon. After the WPC, I hope to squeeze in some SOTR events before our traditional end-of-the-year Christmas Quiz.

Blog maintenance aside, I’ve been trying to cram in as much puzzle-solving into my life as I can. Somehow I’ve never made it past 1 Puzzle GP and only competed in 6 Sudoku GP’s. Same goes for LMI’s Sudoku Maharabat and Puzzle Ramayan where I missed out too much to realistically rank among the world’s best solvers. But the odd brilliant finishes were encouraging enough not to give up speed-solving entirely.

Meanwhile, Puzzlers Club has written 2 laudable LMI tests and members are continuously chipping through floods of imported Japanese puzzles from Twitter. I have yet to jump on the bandwagon solely because I’m more of a paper guy than a Puzz Link solver. Though, I’ll get there one day when I get around to purchasing a new phone and/or iPad. I also discovered a trove of nice puzzles in LMD’s Puzzle Portal which can easily last a lifetime.

Word puzzles have also been pillaging spare time as I have renewed my subscription to Games magazine, the New York Times crossword and the American Values Club crosswords. Not to mention the handful of Puzzle Wright titles sporadically arriving in the mail. So many good puzzles and so little time to do them. Sigh.

Any other puzzle sources you’d recommend?

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