SOTR Holiday Quiz 2018-19

Merry Christmas wherever you are around the globe. Wish you a safe and serene holiday season! 2018 has been the least productive year SOTR has ever seen. Hopefully the semi-finished planned events in my scrapbook can be showcased next year. As for now, we have the usual SOTR Holiday Quiz.

Instructions: Answer as many questions as you can. You don’t have to answer all the questions. Submit your entry at the entry form below. The highest scorer will receive a copy of Nikoli no Penpa 2019 published by Nikoli. You can submit multiple times but only your latest submission will count – so you can change your answers until the deadline on Wednesday 9th January. Questions can be made by commenting on this post or by e-mail to roygbivpuzzles (at) gmail (dot) com.

Tie-Breaks: If the highest score is achieved by multiple entrants, the entry that scored the highest in Wish Lists (question 7) wins. If the tie remains unbroken; the entry that scored the highest in Mashed Puzzles (question 4) wins. Rock-Paper-Scissors will decide any further ties.

Happy Quizzing!

Q1: David and Goliath [2 points]
One month before the 2018 WSC/WPC, another world championship was held in Prague. This 11-year old won and set a new record by being the youngest world champion at what?

Q2: Another David [2 points]
In that same month, a 16-year old dethroned a seven-time world champion at what?
Look at their immense concentration in the finals!

Q3: Secret Santa [3 points]
Ho! Ho! Ho! Have you been good? Who is this person dressed up as Santa Claus?
Q4: Mashed Puzzles [3,4,4,3,4 points]
Which two puzzle names combine to give the anagrams below?
For example, PAXON MONORAIL gives Nanro and Maxi Loop.


Q5: Another Scrabble Controversy [3 points]
There was a controversy at this year’s World Scrabble Championship and it was caught on camera. What do you think is going on in this precise moment?
Q6: Excelling at Art [4 points]
Not wanting to buy expensive drawing equipments, this 77-year old Japanese artist came up with an unorthodox way to produce and sell drawings at his home. How does he do it?Q7: Wish Lists [2,3,2,3,3,3,3,3 points]
Dashing through a village of puzzlers, Santa needs to deliver the most appropriate puzzle type for each of these well-behaved children. What do you think would be the most suitable puzzle present for each house?

Q8: Sequence [3 points]
Which puzzler would follow this sequence; Dai Tantan, Liane Robinson, Galina Titova, Zuzana Hromcova, Tejal Phatak, _____?

Q9: Christmas Trees [1,2 points]
A group of friends have decorated their personal Christmas trees. Due to a mix-up while transporting them, two of the trees have been lost in the mix. Can you figure out which tree belongs to Manea? How about Giovanni’s tree?
Choose the two trees from the four choices below.

Submission form:
Submit your answers using Google Forms at this website below. Changes can be made until the deadline on 9th January 2019.
[Submission closed]

Thanks for playing!

See you in 2019!

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