SOTR Holiday Quiz 2017-18

Puzzles from Nikoli Hurdles 5 have been added to the PAST PUZZLES tab above. I’ve also attached links to the previous Holiday Quizzes and the answers at the same place. This will be the last post for 2017, the year flew by didn’t it? As per tradition, we cap off the year with the SOTR Holiday Quiz!

Instructions: Answer as many questions as you can. You don’t have to answer all the questions. Submit your entry at the entry form below. The highest scorer will receive a copy of Nikoli no Penpa 2018 published by Nikoli.  You can submit multiple times but only your latest submission will count – so you can change your answers until the deadline on Tuesday 9th January. Questions can be made by commenting on this post or by e-mail to roygbivpuzzles (at) gmail (dot) com.

Tie-Breaks: If the highest score is achieved by multiple entrants, the entry that scored the highest in Puzzle Spy (question 3) wins. If the tie remains unbroken; the entry that scored the highest in Infographics (question 7) wins. Rock-Paper-Scissors will decide any further ties.

Here we go!

Q1: Bonjour [2 points]
The 2015 French Scrabble Championship was held in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. What was especially peculiar about that year’s championship?

Q2: Secret Santa [4 points]
Ho! Ho! Ho! Have you been good? Who is this person dressed up as Santa Claus?

Q3: Puzzle Spy [3,2,2,3,2,3,3,3 points]
Shh! Take a peek at these grids. Can you name these puzzles?

Q4: Yokai [4 points]
An invisible Japanese monster who appears in front of passersby to block them from traveling, gives its name to which puzzle?

Q5: Anecdote [2 points]
In 2006, a journalist tried competing at a particular national competition for the first time and won. He later recollect how he won the finals:
“…At the front door, I saw my friend Liz vivisecting a pig. Just inside, the Incredible Hulk rode a stationary bike while a pair of oversize, loopy earrings weighed down his earlobes… In my brother’s bedroom, I saw my friend Ben urinating on Benedict XVI’s papal skullcap…and at the foot of my parents’ bedroom door, myself moonwalking with Einstein…”
What on earth is he talking about?

Q6: Cryptic Crossword [3 points]
This crossword appeared in the Guardian back in 2013. What was so special about it?
Q7: Infographics [3,2,4,2,2 points]
Below are five graphs, each depicting some information. Can you decipher what each diagram represent? A short sentence briefly explaining each graph will be acceptable. (Click to enlarge).
Q8: Cryptogram [8 points (1 each)]
The letters in the 8 entries below have been substituted with another letter. All substitutions are constant throughout the list. Can you work out what these 8 entries are?Q9: Sequence [3 points]
What comes next in the following sequence?

[Submission closed]

Thanks for playing!
See you in 2018!


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