Surprise! Nikoli Hurdles 5!

Another year is zipping by and to cap it off, SOTR will run two back to back events. Starting today is the 5th edition of Nikoli Hurdles. The format remains the same with eight puzzles to be solved in order. The answer to the previous puzzle is used to open the next puzzle. Based on the last readers’ poll; Satogaeri will make an appearance.

Tied for second were Slitherlink and Sashigane, so they both will be included in this year’s set. Solvers can enter their name for a chance to win a copy of Nikoli no Penpa 2018, once they reach the finish line. More information can be found at the ABOUT NIKOLI HURDLES page above.

The contest will close on December 20th. Shortly after on Christmas we will have our traditional end-of-the-year Christmas Quiz. Any questions can be made using this form.

Have fun!


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