PuzzleDo Mystery Solution

This is the answer to the final whodunit puzzle from PuzzleDo which was held in March. If you haven’t solved the puzzle; why not give it a try before reading the spoilers below – all the puzzles and the final mystery can be found in the PAST COMPETITIONS tab above.

In order to not miss any minor details; after reviewing each video footage, you might want to draw up some sort of timeline similar to the one below. Our victim, Mr. Black, was last seen at 2:30am so we need to find out where each of our suspects were from 02:30am until the time they retired to their rooms (which range from 3 to 4am).

Mrs. White was cleaning up the ballroom all night, Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlet were having supper, Miss Peacock arrived at the study at 02:45am but before that she was looking for the spanner in the Billiards room while Professor Plum was fixing the broken pot plant at the conservatory. This leaves Reverend Green who left the ballroom with a dagger at 02:30am and was last seen entering the billiard room at 03:15am. And we have our only instance of a suspect’s unexplained absence!

Regarding the weapon of murder; early on we could dismiss the candlestick and the lead pipe as they were both left in the dining room and the kitchen, respectively. The remaining potential weapons were involved with fixing broken items. The rope was used to restore the pot plant, the spanner was used to repair a broken lamp and the dagger was used to fix the revolver which was jammed.

Conveniently, our prime suspect, Reverend Green, had the dagger during his 45-minute missing period, so it is logical to assume that the weapon used was the dagger.

Most of you had no problem up to this point but finding the location of the murder was slightly less straightforward, and might have actually been unfair. When I came up with this format, I knew that showing the murder in one of the cameras would be stupid – so I decided on having a certain timeframe for the murder and have the remaining rooms accounted for instead.

Mr. Black was last seen at the lounge which he stayed alone in from 1am and was just about to leave at 02:30am. From this point in the night onwards, the remaining rooms were accounted for so it can be deduced that he was murdered just as he was about to leave the lounge.
Okay. Okay. You could say he was murdered in a blind spot at some other rooms or perhaps the basement (I had a couple of entries who innocuously answered basement in which I would urge them to pick another location), but I tried to make it possible to infer that if he’d been murdered elsewhere, someone who entered the room afterwards ought to see his dead body. Compared to other rooms, the lounge had nothing else going on after 02:30am which I hoped was enough reason to pick this room.

In the end, only Ivan Koswara and Stefan Tomlins scored the full 200 points and a big group of solvers who missed the location of the crime scene, ended up at 190 points (luckily they all got to play Duel anyway).

Thank you for the kind feedbacks that came with your entries. I had fun running PuzzleDo and its time to move on to other events. Announcements will be made when plans become more certain.

I look forward to seeing you all next time!


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