PuzzleDo Mystery Revisited

I haven’t properly sent off PuzzleDo that happened three months ago, both Michaels have already received their prizes long ago. PuzzleDo has been a project lying dormant for about 7(!) years; the logo, characters, weapons and room cards were all drawn 7 years ago before I even entered college. It was originally intended to be an LMI test with a completely different format and progress on it went on and off numerous times. Late last year, while hunting for ideas, I re-explored my old files and saw the raw materials for PuzzleDo.

I’ve always wanted to make a narrative-style metapuzzle but kept doubting its format. The amount of reading required would repel non-English solvers (which it did) and most logic puzzle solvers don’t solve narrative puzzles.

I toyed around with the idea for a few weeks and came up with 9 room-puzzles.
Word Knockout and Jigsaw Kakuro were both written 4(!) years ago. Being able to use puzzles that have been stored for that long makes me happy. In general, the puzzles were difficult since I wanted each room to pack a few punches (which it did). I thought the Kanaore (Study) would pose problems and assigned it the most points but most of you found it rather accessible.

I’ve combined all the video footages in this PDF (which can also be found at the Past Competitions tab). If you hadn’t seen all the clues you can give it one last try before I post the solution next week.

In other news, I’m currently juggling 3 future events for this blog and I can’t tell which will finish first – but do stay tuned.


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