Flashback #18 – Five Pair Sudoku

Let’s move on to a sudoku.
The first Five-pair Sudoku I saw was written by Vladimir Portugalov. Several followed in his Forsmarts website and his 24HPC sets. I like solving medium-ish puzzles so I keep that difficulty in mind when I’m constructing. Unless I’m out to get you (like a heavy-pointer in a puzzle set or a giant puzzle for last year’s WPC) I’m generally nice to solvers. 🙂

Five-Pair Sudoku: Classic sudoku rules apply. Additionally, each 10-cell grey area should contain two identical sets of 5 digits. The two grey areas may contain different sets.



2 responses

  1. Hi Tamz29.

    Have you might thought to publish your sudokus into Facebook “The league of extraordinary ladies and gentlemen”?

    Hi. Marchino.

    • Hello Marchino,
      I know about the FB group and follow it every now and then for new ideas.
      However, I don’t trust myself to come up with a new sudoku every week. In the future, though, if I have several puzzles written – I might think about posting there.

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