Light Read #5 – Searching for the 100th solver


Here in the SOTR headquarters there’s a spreadsheet keeping track of all submissions since this blog began. I wanted to have a rough idea of how many solvers are entering, which events are popular, who’s been winning what, who hasn’t been winning, which events they liked, disliked – so improvements can be done. It is also a joy to see the list growing every year.

At one point, it looked like solver Arturo from Chile (!) was SOTR’s 100th entrant (not 100th entry since one entrant enters multiple events). But that was not to be. Solver Zach also entered Manila, but a good year before that he entered Colour Restore under another name. I found out only because he ended up winning :). Which meant Arturo was the 99th solver and the next newcomer would be the 100th.

That next newcomer is Jason V. Zuffranieri who entered Nikoli Hurdles 3 last November. (Applause). I remember seeing him race-solve Kakuro with World champion Kota Morinishi back in Beijing WSC 2013. Jason might lose this distinction if earlier entrants end up being the same person as another existing entrant. One frustrating example is Indian solver “Skynet”, who, despite being asked for his/her real name 3 times, continues to ignore me.

It may be uncomfortable giving away your name on the internet to a stranger, but I’m only using it to send you stuff when you win. And if it’s really that unsettling – you can always tell me to omit out your name.

By last count, SOTR has now reached the 100-solver milestone! (Applause).
Thank you for being a part of this achievement.
Here’s to another hundred!


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