SOTR Christmas Holiday Quiz


Merry Christmas my dearest readers!
If you have a few minutes (or hours) to spare during this festive season, then I invite all extreme puzzle fans to try out SOTR’s Christmas Holiday Quiz! Simply score the highest and Santa will send you something nice. No rock-paper-scissors, no lucky draws, only the best wins. You can also play “Guess the Average” for a chance to win a consolation prize.

Tackle these questions and fill in your answers at the ENTRY FORM on the menu above along with your personal details. You can submit multiple times but only your latest submission will count – so you can change your answers until the deadline on Wednesday 6th January.

The highest scorer of the Holiday Quiz will receive Nikoli Penpa 2016. Second prize of Dekabiro Kakuro will go to the winner of “Guess the Average”. Further details can be found at the ENTRY FORM page.

Questions: can be made to roygbivpuzzles (at) gmail (dot) com.

Take a deep breath… here’s the SOTR Christmas Holiday Quiz!

  1. CHRISTMAS MAZE (2 points): Find a path from the top-left picture to the bottom-right picture, travelling only through horizontally and vertically adjacent cells. You can only travel across squares that have the same picture or the same colour as the previous square.holidayquizcmaze How many turns does your path take?
  1. QUIZ #1 (2 points): Ulrich Voigt has been dominating the WPC since 2000, capturing 10 individual titles. Who is second most prolific solver, winning the second-highest number of individual WPC titles?
  1. QUIZ #2 (2 points): Who is the only female solver to have won an individual medal (gold, silver or bronze) in either the WPC or WSC?
  2. SECRET SANTA (2 points): Ho! Ho! Ho! Have you been good? Who is this person dressed up as Santa Claus?
  3. NOT TYPOS (1 point each): Puzzle names can come from weird mash-up of words, words from different languages and even made up words. Therefore, sometimes Microsoft Word thinks it is misspelled and promptly auto-corrrects them. Below are 8 puzzle names that have been auto-corrected, can you guess what the original puzzle names were?
  4. QUIZ #3 (2 points): In 2009, a man allegedly cheated his way to the finals of a Sudoku tournament. His poor onstage performance called for a retest a week later. Seeing his dismal results, the organizers disqualified him. Name this man.
  5. QUIZ #4 (2 points): In what U.S. state did the above event took place?
  6. FLAG DAY (5 points minus 1 for each incorrect/missing solutions): A new tradition to the WPC is the new WPC flag. Nope. It isn’t the one below. The flag below consists of several past WPC logos. How many past logos were used? And from what year(s) were they from?wpcflag
  7. QUIZ #5 (3 points): Ever since this blog started in 2012, one and only one Pokemon have made an appearance somewhere throughout the years. What is this Pokemon?
  8. QUIZ #6 (3 points): How is the picture below related to logic puzzles?
  9. QUIZ #7 (3 points): Who won the individual gold medal in the year when the WPC host city’s name has the highest percentage of vowels (than consonants)?
  10. QUIZ #8 (3 points): Twice have there been a WSC host city where there are more vowels than consonants in the city’s name. Who won the individual gold medal in those years?
  11. PATCHWORK (3 points): Which of the following pictures is the odd one out? Briefly explain why.
  12. CONCOCTION (2 points each): Never before seen by mankind is the puzzle below. It is made by combining several specific puzzle types together. Can you extract all the ingredients?
  13. PLACES TO PUZZLE (2 points each): What better way to spend Christmas than surfing the web for puzzles to do? Below are 4 places I visited, can you tell where I’ve been puzzling this Christmas?
  14. LAST QUESTION (2 points): If you had answered all questions above correctly, one answer is used twice. What is this answer?

Submit your answers at the ENTRY FORM on the menu above.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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