Results of Nikoli Hurdles 3

Results time!
42 entrants have made it to the finish line of Nikoli Hurdles 3.
In order of submission, they are: 1. Swaroop Guggilam, 2. Edison He, 3. Robert Vollmert, 4. Zach Polansky, 6. Ivan Koswara, 7. Gavriel Hirsch, 8. Arturo Vial, 9. Kishore Kumar, 10. Ken Levine, 11. Nikola Zivanovic, 12. Matej Uher, 13. Raphael Lehrer, 14. Franck Wallez, 15. Michael Mosshammer, 16. Maja Gribajcevic, 17. Rakesh Rai, 18. Nick Brady, 19. Prasanna Seshadri, 20. Dylan Gibbs, 21. Manea Constantin, 22. Alan O’Donnell, 23. Jack Bross, 24. Jason Zuffranieri, 25. Tom Collyer, 26. Liane Robinson, 27. Eva Myers, 28. Thomas Powell, 29. Walker Anderson, 5. **Emma McCaughan, 30. Antonis Lalatsas, 31. Grayson Holmes, 32. Andrew Brecher, 33. Neil Zussman, 34. Gareth Moore, 35. Michael Lasserre, 36. Sumet Juariyamark, 37. Steve Barge, 38. Jakub Ondrousek, 39. Jakub Hrazdira, 40. Anthea McMillan, 41. James McGowan and 42. Sinchai Rungsangrattanakul.


The above list of 42 racers includes 10(!) past prize winners and 4 newcomers. Interesting mix!

Never thought giving away byes in further rounds could cause so much trouble. I ignorantly assumed there would be a magical tournament bracket generator somewhere in the world-wide-web where you could input these byes in, but when searching for such program came out empty-handed, I had to work this out by hand. Our tournament bracket is summed up below.


Swaroop (labelled “1”) would enter the tournament at the final 8, while Edison (2), Robert (3), Zack (4) and Emma (**who although was 29th to enter will be labelled 5th for convenience) will enter from the round of 16. Three more byes are given to Ivan (6), Gavriel (7) and Arturo (8) -earliest to submit among the remaining – for round of 32, while everyone else fights for the remaining 17 spots. All pairings follow the single-elimination seeded tournament rule (where the nth-to-last seed always play nth-seed) as normal.
Find that confusing?
Me too.

Note your number, let’s look at Round 1!

Most matches are decided by one hand. What are your methods of choosing these hands?
Jakub Ondrousek bravely copied the example I provided and … hope that your example will be the best one for the tournament 😉. It produced the longest match (4 hands) but he ended up losing to Raphael anyway. Better luck next time!
Both Tom Collyer and Walker Anderson submitted PPPPPPPPPPPP – no voodoo powers here, as they’re both eliminated in round 1. I’m not sure if Neil Zussman‘s fingers slipped as he entered PPPPPPPSPPPP.

Round 2 and round 3:
Getting the boost helped after all, the top 6 all survived! Alan (22) and Jason (24) are definitely the underdogs as they had to beat three people to get here. Let’s see if they can keep their hot hands. This is also the third time Prasanna eliminated Matej in a RPS-tournament, their encounters date back to 2013!
From this point first seed, Swaroop now make his entrance. 

Round 4 and 5:
Robert edges out second-seed Edison for a showdown between first and third seed! (Not shown is two papers -drawn- between Edison and Robert)
For the finals;.. paper, scissors… rock!nh3finals

Congratulations to Robert Vollmert of Germany!
He will receive the latest Nikoli no Penpa 2016 for winning this event. A little story here, I’m happy that Rob won since during the last event, Manila, he lost a tie-breaker to Nick Brady (who won a prize) but an early miscalculation from my part got me sending a congratulatory e-mail to Rob that he had won! Before Rob can even send me his address I had to reply that oops… you didn’t win after all. This time, however, it’s yours!

Here’s the full tournament results:

Thank you for joining me in this event. I hope to see you next time – some puzzles have already been written but I’m still uncertain when the next event will be held. Keep up to date with the latest SOTR events by subscribing – click the Subscribe button on the right hand side of this page. I don’t post often so I won’t be flooding your inbox anytime soon.

Puzzles from Nikoli Hurdles 3 has been added to the “Past Puzzles” page on the menu above.
Also, as part of Readers’ Choice for the next Nikoli Hurdles, please spend a minute to vote for your favourite puzzle types here (you can choose up to 5 types):

[Voting closed – 28/11/15]

Until next time.


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