NH3 extended by 2 more days

Nikoli Hurdles 3 will be extended by 2 more days to 21st November. The competition will now close in exactly one week from now. All entries, thus far, should have received a reply email from me. If you believe you’ve entered and did not hear from me. Please try resubmitting again.

Our prize, Nikoli Penpa 2016, is now available on Nikoli. You could help yourself to a copy there or you could try winning the rock-paper-scissors (RPS) tournament at the end of this Nikoli Hurdles track. If you haven’t already, head over the Puzzle 1 and start now!

As mentioned before the start of this event, 5 lucky people (1st-4th and the 29th entrant) will be awarded with byes in the RPS tournament. As of now, more than 29 runners have already reached the finish line so let’s announce who those 5 lucky entrants are!

First place goes to Swaroop Guggilam, submitting from India, he was also first to enter on two other events. Rightly deserving a boost to round three in our RPS tournament, a top contender to win this event for sure!

Four spots in round 2 goes to Edison He (2nd to submit from Hong Kong), Robert Vollmert (3rd to submit from Germany), our last winner Zach Polansky (4th to submit from USA) and 29th place Emma McCaughan (from the UK). These five people have increased odds of winning but ultimately it all comes down to luck. The winner may very well be from the majority starting from round 1. We’ll see what happens in one week from now.

Happy puzzling!


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