October already?

I still find it hard to believe SOTR has been deserted for two months. On the flip side, Nikoli Hurdles 3 is pretty much ready but while patching up loose holes here and there, another look at the calendar told me that WSC/WPC was already approaching. At this time of writing, Kota Morinishi had just defended his title, becoming the 2015 World Sudoku Champion.


So it is probably best to run Nikoli Hurdles after WSC/WPC. Speaking of Nikoli, the 15th Nikoli Derby ended today and I finished at the best possible place to not win a prize: 11th! That. Disappointment! I’d love to run a Nikoli Derby when this blog gets more readers.


Safe travels to those in (or heading to) Bulgaria. Sadly, I’m not there but my puzzles will be! Long time readers might recognize my contributions. The WPC instructions booklet is not available online; I’m guessing competitors might’ve received printed versions of it instead. Although, I do wish to see what the organizers have in store for this year.


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