After Manila #1 – Rick the Pilot

Before the event started, a little info was given about the board game.
postman1Yet in the journey, there was no apparent way to find a pilot. And a lot of you wondered what was up with Pilot Service. Second clue was at the Harbour where several signs were plastered with notices, one of which was…

postman2Or you could have reached the Bulletin Board and found that Pilot Service was indeed available. Unfortunately it was locked.

postman5So if pilots are available, how do we hitch a ride?
The Bulletin Board might help…

postman3The coffee house word search had blank cells that spell out a trivia question for the answer key. Most of you might work out the question without having to even find all the words.
But what happens if you did find all the words?

IMG_6291Reading the leftover letters: “Hello there! I’m Rick, I am a pilot. Can you buy me a coffee? I forgot my wallet. Wow! Thank you! Say, should you be in a leaky situation, call me. My number is the two digit number on the first oil barrel.”

So what is this leaky situation?

postman4 Remember this other sign at the Harbour?
The picture of oil barrel is similar to the one on the map. This suggests that somewhere along the journey you will have some sort of oil leak.

Sure enough, at puzzle 3, this happens and Rick does come to the rescue.
The double-digit number on the first barrel is 48 and this opens up “Pilot Service”. Most of you probably haven’t seen it but here is the pilot puzzle:

Find 5 planes in the grid. Cells occupied by a plane cannot touch each other, not even diagonally. Each plane parts have different weights. An example of a plane is given. The numbers outside the grid represent the total weight of all the plane segments in that row or column.


Once this is solved, Rick takes you straight to Manila Bay Pier, skipping the last three puzzles entirely!

I only know of two people that hitched a ride with Rick; first was Nick Brady. But only after he went all the way to Puzzle 5, couldn’t solve the puzzle because it initially had multiple solutions, and then return to find Rick.

“I ended up coming here thanks to Rick’s Pilot puzzle, but I had made it all the way up to a solution to puzzle 5 that I believe is valid, but wasn’t accepted. Only then did I try tracking Rick down, solving his puzzle hoping for a clue and to my surprise being given a direct answer.”

Another person was Ivan Koswara who had an alternate (better?) approach. Once he got the message at the coffee house hinting at a two-digit number, he immediately tried all possible two digit combinations to hack open Pilot Service! Eventually he got to 48 and solved… “Perhaps my most favorite puzzle among the [puzzles] I solved”.
You cheater, you!

 Did anyone else find Rick?


3 responses

  1. > You cheater, you!

    That’s why phone numbers are 6-12 digits and not 2 digits.

    By the way, I got the message right after solving the coffee puzzle, actually; I’m only bothered to try hacking it at the start of the sail (thinking I might have missed the barrel earlier), and only tried to solve the puzzle when I was actually stuck in Puzzle 3 (the proper puzzle to unlock the pilot service). So I’m not exactly cheating. 😛

  2. I also first reached the end via the invasion puzzle. I got the coffee message early, tried using 710 as the code, then missed the pilot service link entirely when I came back to finish. It took getting stuck on the main route and accidental frustrated clicking before I saw the light.

  3. I did too. Sadly, I did so by accident I think. Its been so long since I did this that I was just surprised how quickly it was over and – in fact, I kept trying to go back to the other puzzles, but couldn’t figure out how. Not a proud moment, but an honest one.

    I would welcome seeing whatever puzzles I missed as a result of falling back into the shortcut.



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