Next destination: Manila

My next event is inspired by the board game Manila.

61NFQ9DRTML._SY300_The year is 1821 and under the rule of the Spanish crown, you are orchestrating secret trades with other tribes in mainland Asia. Using punts, you load your boats with four precious commodities: coffee, ginseng, jade and satin. These will be worth a living once they are successfully smuggled out to Manila.

In the game, you have to deviously plan which commodity to take, how you’re going to navigate the boat and be careful of notorious pirates. You could also bribe pilots to give you a ride to Manila.

I will incorporate all these elements into a puzzle adventure…

manilabannerAll of the puzzles, except one, are logic-based and will be language-neutral. However, due to the narrative nature of the event, some reading may be required. I did my best to keep it as simple as possible for non-English speakers so everyone should be able to enjoy Manila.

Also you can contact me throughout the event with any help you need, big or small.
One last good news; this event will have 3 prize winners!
Your chances have just tripled!

See you in Manila!


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