15th 24HPC this weekend


The 24 Hour Puzzle Championship has reached its 15th edition this year and is happening this weekend. I will be taking part for the second time so if you’re making the trip I’ll see you there!

Last year after hanging around in the top 10 most of the time, I ended up at 12th likely due to the many 5 minute naps that I stole during the early morning rounds. The podium spots are personally unrealistic for now so I hope to just improve on my last year’s numerically-beautiful score of 777.

Ever since I knew about the 24HPC, flicking through the newly-released instruction booklets was an exciting moment to look for new puzzle ideas. Now that I’m fortunate enough to participate, it won’t be a casual browse anymore!

The very first Minesweepers with Duds coming to Hungary.

Instructions for Minesweepers with Duds

A little bit about my set: every year I more or less follow a prototype of my original set back in 2010. A new variant this time is the Minesweepers with Duds which the harder one will be worth the most points in my round. I will be eager to see if anyone can haul in the maximum 1000 points in those 100 minutes. Very plausible.

Safe travels and see you in Budapest!


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