Post-excavation #1

All the Sudoku Excavation pages at the menu have been taken down. You can still get the puzzles here:
Large 9×9 puzzles
Small 6×6 puzzles

Solvers were asked to guess the authors of the puzzles, scoring points by doing so. Here’s a rule of thumb: if the sudoku is of a math-related variant, contains little givens and is frustratingly difficult then you can sanely bet that Sinchai wrote it. The guy loves solving and making math-variant sudokus. Or he just likes mathematics. Did you know that he scored 100% in our country’s Mathematics National Entrance Examination? Well, you do now.

You can see the rule in effect since Sinchai was responsible for the murderous Killer, Fortress and Sum 100. Others include Thermometers, XV and Consecutive. I wrote all the small puzzles (except the Consecutive), Kropki, Even Odd, Arrow and the final Mammoth fur puzzle.

Speaking of the last puzzle, Mark Goodliffe says that it’s always so much more fun when a puzzle (hunt) builds towards a finish.
I agree!

A very diligent Nick Brady: I did this in one session lasting about 7 hours and had much fun with it.
Now you know what to do on your next intercontinental plane trip.

Ivan Koswara: I just threw the Classic Sudoku to some online solver.
You cheater, you.

James McGowan: Can I assume Tamziania is somewhere near where you live?
Tamziania is a Google Map snapshot of the hospital car park where I am currently studying (and losing most of my sleep) at. As a shout-out, I also plan to use you dearest readers as characters in future events. Keep an eye out for yourself!

Zbigniew Laskowski: I thought I would become a killer myself when I received the killer clue from Fortress and realized that I had spent so much time solving that killer without the clue.
You can hunt down Sinchai for that, I’d never do such a thing to my readers. 🙂

Extra thanks to all solvers who fill in the comments box, my favourite part of an event is selecting some of them to post at the end (like the few above). So that’s my side of things. Sinchai might have a few words when his boss isn’t requiring his attention.

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