From PDF to book

First post in 2015!

Did you have a nice holiday?
I surely did not since this academic year overlapped New Year’s Day so my countdown was a rather miserable experience. One of many resolutions for me is to finally find time to plough through old puzzles from the internet. With the digital age in full swing, puzzles these days are often in PDF format. This doesn’t roll well with my habit of collecting puzzle books so, here, I will share with you how one might transform an E-book into another attractive book to add to your shelf.


My shelf welcomes a new member

I paid a visit to the press and printed out the latest Meraklisina Akil Oyunlari. The cover and back page were printed on hard paper and the book was slapped by two clear plastic sheets. No one can argue that the best spine for a puzzle book is spiral-bound, so a colourful helical spine (extra large size please!) was twisted into this voluminous issue.



Spiral bounding makes for a nice and flat opened book

Now that’s more like it!
Anyone have better ideas of turning PDFs into a book?
I’d love the know!

Happy New Year!

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