Solutions to Nikoli Hurdles 2 – Part 5/5

kanaorepuzPuzzle 8: Kanaore
Too many errors prevented me from being happy about this puzzle. One is that Wall-E had 1941 next to it for a few days before I noticed it. It was clearly copy and pasted from Dumbo’s year of production. The initial diagram had the “7” arrow pointing the wrong way which led to impossible solutions which halted many solvers. To make matters even worse, the wrong diagonal was shaded for the answer keys so no one could reach the finish line!

Repairable mistakes but nothing could prepare me for… that darn N!

Kanaores are solved on empty grids. They should not have any givens, but the mistake was so disgustingly severe I had no other options but to dismantle the entire puzzle which I was not keen on doing. I completely overlooked the N despite test solving it twice! Maybe I was too excited that the bottom half of the puzzle squeezed itself into uniqueness, I forgot that the N from ALADDIN could sneak its way back to grab the N from TARZAN.


Had none of the above happened, I would look back at this puzzle and be rightly proud of it. I looked at a few examples from Grant Fikes’ blog (he uses the name “Seek and Spell”) and started brainstorming ideas. I wrote this puzzle in a coffee shop during the time when no matter where you went, they would open “Let It Go” from Frozen. I must have subconsciously come up with the idea then.

Looking back at the puzzle I am still slightly irked by that N.
Hopefully by next year I would finally let it go.

Let it go… Let it go….


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