Runners, welcome!


Welcome to another set of Nikoli Hurdles!
For the next 29 days, a track of 8 Nikoli puzzles will be opened for you to solve. Starting at Puzzle 1, the solution will be used to open Puzzle 2. The answer to Puzzle 2 will open Puzzle 3 and so on.

The different puzzle types will require different answer key extractions so pay attention to those. An entry form will be at the finish line for those who complete the entire track. More details can be found at the About page on the menu above.
Don’t forget to use capital letters, when required.

I will always be available to answer questions, so you can drop those in the comments or email me at roygbivpuzzles (at) gmail (dot) com. A prize will go to one lucky winner after this event ends.

ETA (27/9/14): 8 hours into the contest, early runners had sent me problems about some of the puzzles.
Puzzle 2 had a little tweak in one of its clues, I’m surprised people could still proceed. The last Puzzle 8 had one slight drawing error. Both puzzles have been fixed. Puzzle 7 was questioned as well, but upon reinspection, it is not broken and has a unique solution.
The finish line had the wrong password for about 8 hours, but it is now fixed. I apologize for all these mistakes.


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