Puzzles on Patreon

Ever since Grandmaster Puzzles offered opportunities to buy rewards on Patreon, we see more puzzle providers following the trend. Currently Grandmaster Puzzles enjoy a little over $500 a month of support from its audience. Considering that the patrons get a very good quality puzzle almost daily, a few dollars seem like a bargain. GMlogo

As a patron myself, I do enjoy the weekly puzzle PDFs sent promptly to my inbox before they are released the next week on GMP. You can also get access to solutions, walkthroughs, monthly large puzzles and even puzzle-packed PDF booklets. I can tell a lot of work has been put to maintain the standards at GMP so if you’re not already a patron, I highly recommend this innovative source.

In shocking contrast to Grandmaster Puzzles, Logic Masters India (LMI) has 9 patrons. Nine??
LMI has been like a home to me for the last 4 years and has over 6000 registered users with hundreds of active solvers logging in every month.

LMINewLogoLMI offer cute puzzle packs containing puzzle types from the latest online tests. The incentives on their Patreon page may not be as attractive as the offerings from GMP, but LMI has done such a hugely demanding job running regular online tests and constantly improving their web formats that active users on LMI should reconsider becoming a patron.

Most recently, the folks behind Akil Oyunlari launched Meraklisina Akil Oyunlari. I was late to discover the magazine when I first contributed to issue 76. 4 issues later, Akil Oyunlari underwent a drastic format change and all of sudden it became a children’s magazine. Growing up solving kids’ puzzle magazines, I realize how important these magazines play a role in attracting a child to still be a puzzler when he/she grows up.

Logo2Nonetheless I had to order a few back issues to satisfy my puzzle craving as ones in recent format are evidently not aimed at experienced readers. But now it is back, a 10-a-year online PDF puzzle magazine with logic puzzles for expert-level solvers. If anyone knows of any magazine containing just logic puzzles, do let me know. So far I know of Akil Oyunlari, Breinbrekers (which I saw the Dutch team solve at last year’s WPC – is there a way to buy this without going to Holland?) and a few titles by Gareth Moore at Puzzle Xtra.

Show your support and keep the puzzling world spinning.

In SOTR news…

previewnh2Nikoli Hurdles 2 is on its last corner of editing and I will post details about this event soon. Grab some Nikoli books and start warming up!


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