July Giants Results – Part 4/4

It has been a fun July and I thank you all for participating. Honorary mentions go to; Andrey Bogdanov, Andrew Brecher, Jakub Hrazdira, Edison He, Ivan Koswara, Yuhei Kusui, Matt Lahut, Antonis Lalatsas, Ken Levine, James McGowan, Alex Pei, Willy Petrenko, John Reid, Prasanna Seshadri, Stefan Tomlins, Robert Vollmert and Nikola Zivanovic who correctly solved all 4 giants.

As for statistics that take in account earliest submissions; the early bird gold medal goes to Edison He (Hong Kong), silver to Ivan Koswara (Indonesia) and bronze to Ken Levine (USA). But the main winner, who will receive the Nikoli Puzzle the Giants 2014, will be determined by rock-paper-scissors. We have narrowed down the field to four potential winners and now it is time to announce the winner!

For the final time: rock…paper… scissors!
Congratulations to Jack Bross from USA!
He got defeated by Hydra early on but bounced back with 3 correct entries to the last 3 giants. He won the Cerberus tournament and ultimately the Champion’s Throne.

We now come to the end of another event. As usual, I will devote the next few posts looking back at the puzzles in greater detail. I plan to make a full PDF booklet of July Giants soon so I will keep the menu above until I complete that. Plans for the next event are well underway it is scheduled for October but things could change, updates will be made here.

A lot of my audience is in London for the WSC and WPC right now so safe travels everyone. Thanks for being with me throughout July and I look forward to seeing you next time.


3 responses

  1. I submitted PSPSPSPSPS for all four (except the second one where I might have typoed PPPSPSPSPS instead, or something). Clearly Prasanna doesn’t help. (Yes, PS = Prasanna Seshadri. I couldn’t think of a noticeable puzzle person whose initials are in {P,R,S} at the time I submitted the first, and the rest I just copied the first.) I’m going to blame him when he returns from WSC/WPC.

    And congratulations for Jack Bross!

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