July Giants Results – Part 3/4

We are about to find out the winner of Medusa. The final four were already introduced so without further ado… Rock paper scissors!

Congratulations to Nikola Zivanovic from SerbiaHe will join the last battle for the throne later on.

Lastly, we had 28 solvers defeating Cerberus.
Four byes were awarded for the earliest submissions. There was a noticeable match-up between occupants of the throne; James and Yuhei, in the first round.
cerberr4You can also see a wild scuffle between Ivan and Prasanna in round two. And another tough battle for Ivan against Jack in the third round.

We have our last set of final four.
Andrey Bogdanov is the head of Russian puzzle club Diogen. When I first discovered logic puzzles, a few years before LMI existed; Diogen was one of few sites that were active at that time. It was a pleasure seeing his entry in my blog. Andrey’s opponent will be Jack Bross. Jack has been with SOTR since the early days of this blog and has continued his participation ever since. He has reached final four once, which was way back in Nikoli Hurdles (February 2013), where he was knocked out by the winner Prasanna.
The other side sees Giovanni Pagano, a fellow test solver when Ivan hosted Deception on LMI. July Giants is his first entry at SOTR and like me; he also actively solves word puzzles. Maybe I can lure him back with a word puzzle contest sometime later. Facing Giovanni is James McGowan who is looking to take a second spot in the finals. No introduction needed, he is probably solving some puzzles in a very competitive environment somewhere in London right now.


And… congratulations to Jack Bross from USA! 
He joins the three past winners to the Champion’s Throne. Which now looks like this:

Exactly 24 hours from now the post revealing the winner will be posted. Sorry to keep you waiting this long, but processing and triple-checking the RPS hands took time. Worse, drawing each grid up took way longer than I anticipated. Nonetheless, I had fun. I hope you did too.

Don’t miss the final showdown tomorrow!


One response

  1. Aw man, I was so close…still, grats to Jack and the other winners!

    I wouldn’t mind a word-based one in the future, but logic puzzles are also fine by me!
    Thanks for the nice puzzles; I look forward to the next contest.

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