July Giants Results – Part 1/4

With the departure of Cerberus, we now come to the end of July Giants. Each giant were slain be numerous solvers so now we will see which solvers will make it to the Champion’s Throne.


Today, I will announce the results of the Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS) Tournament for the first giant, which was Hydra. The RPS tournament will be single-elimination and seeded according to order of submission. Looking back at Hydra; we have 21 participants in the RPS tournament. The last 10 entries will fight for 5 spots in the Round of 16, where 11 earliest submissions were already seeded to the next round.
You can read why byes are required.

Here is the tournament bracket:

Results for the first three rounds:
(Click the diagram to zoom)


Let’s meet our final four.
Ivan Koswara
is a regular at SOTR, submitting early most of the time, but has never won an event. He will be facing John Reid, a newcomer who had just entered in his first contest here at SOTR.
The next pairing sees two former winners going head to head and RPS. James McGowan, who will be participating in the World Puzzle Grand Prix Final in London next week, has already won Race up the Sky (held in July 2013) but that event didn’t involve RPS. Whereas Prasanna Seshadri, has won an RPS tournament not once, but twice! And now he’s in the final four for the third straight time! That is mathematically impressive.

The winner of Hydra is…
hydrares3James McGowan from New Zealand!
He will take the first spot in the final four, congratulations!

Full results of Hydra:
Moving on to Argus Panoptes, that week saw a record-breaking 31 correct entries.

The above diagram was printed with the highest resolution I could afford to, if you’ve entered try look for your name.
Since we are one away from 32, the number for a full 5-round tournament, the first entry will be seeded to Round of 16 and the remaining 30 will start at Round of 32. Receiving the only bye was Yuhei Kusui, so he can sit back and watch Round 1.

Picture1[Errata 15/8/14: The top-right pairing between Ivan and James had the two hands swapped. So PP for James and PS for Ivan]
Most of the top seeds are through to the Round of 8. Interestingly the semi-finalists at Hydra, Prasanna and Ivan, both survived their first two matches! Further results will continue in upcoming posts.
Stay tuned!


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