All Giants defeated, results pending

I had to urgently cover for a friend during the last two days and have just finished a 48-hour shift. Hopefully that explains why confirmation emails were sent on the last day. 28 solvers defeated Cerberus throughout last week. There were no incorrect submissions but there were plenty of kind comments and feedbacks that I very much appreciated.
To the list of solvers of Cerberus,

1. Dylan Gibbs
2. Nikola Zivanovic
3. Nick Brady
4. Matt Lahut
5. Ivan Koswara
6. James McGowan
7. Zoltan Horvath
8. Michael Mosshammer
9. Andrew Brecher
10. Antonis Lalatsas
11. Stefan Tomlins
12. Edison He
13. Jack Bross
14. Logan Dymond
15. Scott Handelman
16. Andrey Bogdanov
17. Ken Levine
18. Walker Anderson
19. Robert Vollmert
20. Willy Petrenko
21. Prasanna Seshadri
22. Jakub Hrazdira
23. Giovanni Pagano
24. Matej Uher
25. Alex Pei
26. Neil Zussman
27. Yuhei Kusui
28. John Reid

With this, we have our candidates for the Champion’s Throne. I will need a few days to digest all the rock-paper-scissors in my inbox and will announce all the results on a day-to-day basis. The final four results will be announced on the 5th day. Why the formality? Well, I like the suspense and I hope you do too but most importantly I need the few extra days to double check all the rock-paper-scissors match-ups for any errors.

Watch this space in a couple of days for the results!


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