Three turned to stone


I apologize for being one day late. I had my days mixed up this weekend. To compensate, I will extend the deadline for Cerberus by one more day. Entries will be accepted until August 4th.

Over the last 8 days, I received 30 entries to Medusa’s Snake Pit. The answer keys were a tad messy but that didn’t stop 27 solvers from getting to the correct solution.
Here is the list of correct entries in order that I received them:

  1. Edison He (who was also first in Hydra)
  2. Ken Levine
  3. Dylan Gibbs
  4. Adam Vangness
  5. Robert Vollmert
  6. Ben Wootten
  7. Nick Brady
  8. Alex Pei
  9. Logan Dymond
  10. Jack Bross
  11. Scott Handelman
  12. Stefan Tomlins
  13. Prasanna Seshadri
  14. Michael Deluca*
  15. Yuhei Kusui
  16. Willy Petrenko
  17. Eric Odenheimer*
  18. Antonis Lalatsas
  19. James McGowan
  20. Jakub Hrazdira
  21. Ivan Koswara
  22. Zbigniew Laskowski
  23. Nikola Zivanovic
  24. Branko Ceranic
  25. Andrey Bogdanov
  26. Zoltan Horvath*
  27. Matt Lahut
  28. Andrew Brecher
  29. John Reid
  30. Thomas Powell

Oh no! Three entries were incorrect.*
I cannot accept their entries since Medusa had already turned Michael, Eric and Zoltan to stone. Sorry! But do try again with Cerberus.

As for the 27 correct solvers, they will participate in a rock paper scissors tournament right after Cerberus leaves. Speaking of the devil, here he comes! Check out his puzzle at the menu above. The three-headed beast will linger around for the next 8 days.

Thank you for being with me throughout this year’s July Giants.
Enjoy the last puzzle!


One response

  1. Why thank you. I think it’s because we happen to be in timezones that are very close together.

    I doubt I’ll get first on Cerberus, though, as I have plans for today. Still, two out of four ain’t bad.

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