Medusa has arrived


Argus Panoptes has been defeated!
In just over a week, 31 solvers defeated Argus Panoptes. Here is the list of solvers in order of their submission times:

  1. Yuhei Kusui
  2. Ivan Koswara
  3. Alex Pei
  4. Ken Levine
  5. Prasanna Seshadri
  6. Zbigniew Laskowski
  7. Antonis Lalatsas
  8. Nick Brady
  9. Robert Vollmert
  10. Andrew Brecher
  11. Walker Anderson
  12. Jakub Hrazdira
  13. Edison He
  14. Matt Lahut
  15. Alan O’Donnell
  16. Tom Collyer
  17. Michael Deluca
  18. Thomas Powell
  19. Jack Bross
  20. Willy Petrenko
  21. Maja Gribajcevic
  22. Giovanni Pagano
  23. Stefan Tomlins
  24. Logan Dymond
  25. Branko Ceranic
  26. Matej Uher
  27. Nikola Zivanovic
  28. Andrey Bogdanov
  29. Neil Zussman
  30. John Reid
  31. James McGowan

The giant Masyu seemed to be really easy in comparison to Hydra’s Tapa two weeks ago. Fret not!
You will spend the next 8 days surviving in Medusa’s Snake Pit!
Can you slither your way to victory? Get the puzzle at the menu above.
There are a lot of rules to swallow in this one, so if you’re unsure about the instructions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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