Hydra defeated, Argus appears


Entries for Hydra have now been closed. When you submit an answer I will normally take no more than 3 days to reply. I have replied to every submission I’ve received so if you think you’ve entered and haven’t heard from me yet, contact me immediately.

As for Hydra, 23 warriors took a shot in the last 8 days. I asked for the number of black squares in the central Tapa, the correct answer to Hydra was 35.
Here is the list of solvers in the order of submission:

  1. Edison He
  2. James McGowan
  3. Prasanna Seshadri
  4. Andrey Bogdanov
  5. Antonis Lalatsas
  6. Jack Bross*
  7. Serkan Yurekli
  8. Alex Pei
  9. Ivan Koswara
  10. Andrew Brecher
  11. Nick Brady*
  12. Nikola Zivanovic
  13. Tamas Antal
  14. Ken Levine
  15. Stefan Tomlins
  16. Willy Petrenko
  17. Yuhei Kusui
  18. Matt Lahut
  19. Michael Deluca
  20. Jakub Hrazdira
  21. Thomas Powell
  22. Robert Vollmert
  23. John Reid

*Alas! Hydra claimed two victims!
Jack and Nick (both submitted 34 and were one cell off from the right answer) will have to be excluded from the tournament bracket. Sorry! Try again!

As for the remaining 21, I won’t reveal the results just yet. You’ll have to be patient. Why not increase your odds of winning by slaying a few more giants?

Argus Panoptes is now the current giant on this blog, he is a lot tamer than Hydra. Click on his name at the menu above to see what you’re up against this week. You have until the 18th July to solve the puzzle before Medusa arrives.

Have fun!


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