Solutions to Anchors Aweigh – 4/4

Puzzle 6 – Double Battleships

I first saw this type at the 2013 WPC in Thomas Snyder’s round. The puzzle above was easily the hardest out of all the puzzles in Anchors Aweigh, to which solver James McGowan rightly agrees: trying to keep track of what’s happening in each cell. I did it in MSPaint, so had 6 colours in action.

The reason this last part of the solutions took so long was that I intended to write up a full solving guideline. As much as I wanted to do so, my study timetable disagreed, so we will have to just make do for now. My starting point was at the 4th column with 5 and 3 adding up to 8 (leaving two cells blank). I remembered vaguely how the puzzle solves from left to right but since a couple of months has elapsed, I have very little memory about it.


Puzzle 7 – Classic Battleships (Hard)


Despite the label, I don’t think this puzzle was that difficult at all. You have to try out horizontal/vertical orientations of the long ships to get through the first part of the puzzle.
Then you should have a few ships left at the end to satisfy the two 3s in the 9th and 10th row.

And that’s all the puzzles covered in Anchors Aweigh. Thomas, Antonis and Walker had all received their prizes.
Want to be the next winner?
Well, I’ve already cooked up more puzzles for future events and it looks promising from here.
Come back in a few days for…



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