I got my regular dose of Nikoli Puzzle Communication books last night. Last year I complained to myself about the repetitive nature of their puzzles that slowly bored me overtime, I stopped my subscription to their online puzzles and stuck to their magazines instead.

What I look forward to in each Nikoli Puzzle Communication is everything but the pages stuffed to the gills with your usual Masyu, Slitherlink, Fillomino and what not. I only solve them on auto-pilot cause most of the time, those puzzles aren’t memorable. They had to be darn impressive to even warrant a grin.

Sometimes I raise a few eyebrows at how constructors manage to pull off beautiful givens in their puzzles. And that’s it. But the latest issue, No.147, had one page that made my eyes pop out.


Shimacharo managed to shove an entire Sudoku into this beast of a Ripple Effect puzzle!! Imagine how long that took!
I eagerly wait for the day when our puzzle community is large enough to have more magazines like Nikoli’s.

If you want your share of Nikoli’s goodies, hover all the way down to the links below where I’ve linked Nikoli’s website since the beginning of this blog. Another hard way to get Nikoli magazines is to win my next event which will start next month. More about that soon.

Long live Nikoli!


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