National Qualifiers

With college workload increasing, things are going to slow down from here. Two final parts of Anchors Aweigh solutions are still to come. In the meantime, why not check out some national championship puzzles recently? I use to enjoy comparing my results to other countries’ qualifying scores to see if I’d make the team if I was an official participant. With the WSC/WPC looming near, several countries are already forming their teams using online tests.


USSC and USPC were the first to finish. The USSC looked a bit incomplete without Thomas Snyder writing his share of puzzles with Wei-Hwa Huang. The lack of notifications certainly didn’t help increase the number of participants either. On the other hand, the USPC is like a yearly tradition for me and having to sit out this year was a shame. As always, the puzzles are top-notch and I am looking forward to solve them later.

UKSC and UKPC followed trend a week later. UKSC is already finished but nothing’s stopping you from trying out the puzzles if you haven’t done so. Tom Collyer’s sudokus are usually clean, fair difficulty level and visually-appealing, which is just how I like sudokus. The UKPC started yesterday and will end on Monday. I have the vibe that UKPC looks better and better every year. And yes, I’m being bias because some of my puzzles are in it 🙂
You can see three of my puzzles mixed in with other great puzzles so dive in and see if you can beat Neil Zussman.

JNPC and JPC took place just a few hours ago. I remembered digging for Tetsuya Nishio Cup Number Place Championship (or something like that) and enjoyed it so much that I had to reprint the whole lot and redo it. The puzzles are bound to be awesome. Some Japanese puzzle fans generously translated these contests for us since last year so the JPC won’t be an instructionless test for foreigners anymore. Too bad the contest didn’t open for the whole weekend unlike…

IPC and ISC. The puzzle test takes place right now as I’m typing this and will open for 2 more days. The ISC will be on next weekend. I like the way LMI standardized the IPC/ISC sets throughout the years. You get a certain puzzle type and one of its variants to solve in 150 minutes. I also like the first puzzle of the IPC each year. It’s usually some fun match-ups or short puzzle questions you don’t see often in normal online tests. I’ve never took part in IPC/ISC because somehow each year I won’t have access to a printer during that particular weekend. This is 2014 and history is repeating itself. I guess I’ll compare my performance afterwards.

Back to my blog.
This morning I received a parcel in the mail.


Extra copies of Battleship Sudoku had just arrived!
I’ll be mailing this off to the 3 lucky winners of Anchors Aweigh as soon as I can.
Want to be as lucky as they are?
Well, you’ll have to enter!
Currently, I have new events drawn up for July and October. If my productivity improves maybe I’ll start early. Check this space for more announcements, or even better, subscribe to my blog updates to ensure you will not miss an event!


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