Solutions to Anchors Aweigh – 2/4

Puzzle 3 – Hexagon Battleships

This is the first time I tried constructing puzzles on a hexagonal grid. I Googled some hexagonal grid paper and printed them out just for the occasion. I made several Hexagon Battleships and all they turned out to be too difficult. I find that this one (which isn’t that easy either) was the most suitable. The intended opening was the 3 crossing the 1. You will find the right cell that needs to be omitted from housing a ship.

Fascinatingly, the large Battleship doesn’t come in play until half way through the puzzle.


Puzzle 4 – Classic Battleships (medium)

First of all, let’s begin filling in the obvious:


One destroyer and several ship segments (blue cells) are already discovered. It is useful to know that in a standard set of Battleships, 20 cells are used. The bottom clues add up to 15 (6+5+4), so only 5 cells that are not in those 3 columns can afford to hold a ship. You can see that 4 out of those 5 are already found which means only one cell in the 7 remaining columns contains a ship.

The next step here is a little tricky. Look at the “3” clue (the top one). You can no longer put 3 ship parts in the 3 clued columns – this means at least one ship-containing cell will belong somewhere in the remaining 7 columns. If you noticed this, you can eliminate all remaining unclued rows that do not overlap the 3 clued columns.


Wow! Now that’s a short cut! You now fill the remaining ships in like the commanding captain you are!



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