Solutions to Anchors Aweigh – 1/4

fleetaaPuzzle 1 – Classic Battleships [Easy]puz1clase Anchors Aweigh included 3 classics. The first classic is straightforward and shouldn’t pose any significant problems. All deductions were easy. Almost everything was forced. The Battleship and two submarines were left in the end. These only fit one way at the bottom right quadrant of the grid. aapuz1ansPuzzle 2 – Chess Battleshipspuz2mate In all Chess Battleships, the deduction usually starts at the King. All four corners of the King must be used by different ships, so you can cross out the four cells that are adjacent to the King. aapuz2ansaIn this particular puzzle, there are two possible locations for the Battleship where every piece can attack it. If you tried the blue location, you will notice that the Knight will not be able to attack 4 ships. So we can be certain that the Battleship has to be at the orange position. aapuz2ansb In the diagram above, “?” represent cells that will be occupied by a ship. The green cells are attacked by the Knight, and the Bishop attacks the remaining blue cells. Working with long ships, we now locate the 2 cruisers. One cruiser will be near the King, away from the Rook. So the remaining cruiser will have to be looming near the Rook. The next thing to note is that none of the green cells will be attacked by the Rook. This means the cruiser that the Knight attacks will be shared with the King, incidentally there is only one spot for that. aapuz2anscThe remaining cruiser has to be attacked by three remaining pieces; Queen, Rook and Bishop. Again, only one position that meets all the criteria. At this point, keep tracker of the Rook and Queen’s directions. They must attack only four ships. The Rook has to attack a ship at all sides. The Queen already strikes twice diagonally and twice vertically so there shouldn’t be any ships horizontal to the Queen. You can determine one destroyer right away where it is attacked by the Bishop and King. The remaining corner of the King has to be a submarine. Now the remaining ships shouldn’t be too hard to fiddle in. aapuz2ansd


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