Results of Anchors Aweigh

29 days of voyaging saw 17 pirates successfully navigating their way to Yubotu Island. When it turned out there were not enough treasure to share, it was full on duel!
Each person selected an area from a 4×4 ocean and could fire 3 cannonballs to other squares.

Here is the order they arrived in including their locations:
1. Ivan Koswara (B3)
2. Jakub Hrazdira (C4)
3. Prasanna Seshadri (D1)
4. Neil Brown (C1)
5. Antonis Lalatsas (D1)
6. Ken Levine (B2)
7. Zbigniew Laskowski (C4)
8. Edison He (D3)
9. Matej Uher (B4)
10. Swaroop Guggilam (D2)
11. Walker Anderson (D1)
12. Alex Pei (B4)
13. Nikola Zivanovic (D1)
14. Thomas Powell (D1)
15. James McGowan (C2)
16. Jack Bross (D1)
17. Adam Dewberry (C4)

Here is the battlefield:

D1 somehow attracted six of the entrants. Another smaller vessel is at C4 with half as many crew members. The 51 (17×3) cannonballs will fire at the square with the most hits and counting down to the squares with lesser hits. For presentation sake, I’ve divided the hits into 4 waves.
Here’s wave 1!


The two most aimed-at squares were B3 (8 hits) and B2 (7 hits).
And that took out Ivan and Ken! Bad Luck!
Here’s wave 2:

resultsaa2These five squares were hit 4 times each. Let’s look at the damage.
resultsaa3Quite a few casualties here – the smaller vessel is sunk!
11 people remain.
Here’s wave 3 and 4.


Wave 3 fired at 3 squares (with 3 hits each) and wave 4 fired at C2 which was aimed at twice.

resultsaa4With that, Swaroop and James are eliminated.
The remaining 5 squares were safe havens with only 1 hit each.
We have 9 survivors. Still too many!
Let’s reduce the sea size and reload those cannons!

The 9 remaining entrants reset their locations and selected 3 cells to fire.
3. Prasanna Seshadri (B2)
5. Antonis Lalatsas (C1)
8. Edison He (A3)
9. Matej Uher (B3)
11. Walker Anderson (C1)
12. Alex Pei (B2)
13. Nikola Zivanovic (B2)
14. Thomas Powell (C1)
16. Jack Bross (A2)


Wave 1: A1, B2 and C2 – each with 4 hits.
aarestie2bOne of the vessel is lost. Along with it: Prasanna, Nikola and Alex.
Wave 2: A2, B1, B3 and C3 – each with 3 hits.

aarestie2cMatej and Jack are knocked out. Two squares left: C1 and A3!
Wave 3: A3! – (with 2 hits) safe spot for this round with 1 hit is c1!
And we have our last 3 survivors!
They looked at each other with a wink and a nod. Satisfied with their share, all 3 left Yubotu Island.

Congratulations to Antonis Lalatsas, Walker Anderson and Thomas Powell!

All 3 will receive a copy of Battleship Sudoku by Thomas Snyder delivered to them shortly.
This is the first time we have more than one winner. I will definitely come up with a better prize-drawing system in the future but I did enjoy putting you all on Battleship grids and crossing your names off when I slowly get your emails.

Thank you all for spending your time in taking part and all the nice compliments that came along with your entries. I will release detailed solutions to the 7 puzzles that were featured in Anchors Aweigh in upcoming posts.

For those who have no idea what is going on, here are the 7 puzzles in PDF

Work has begun on my next event, and I hope to see you there.
See you later!


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  1. Thanks for the fun. While I may have been able to handle the puzzles, I thought it obvious not to hide in the corner and I could not have been more wrong, dying with the first shot into my bow. Next time I am at war at sea, I will look for a corner of the ocean to hide

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