All Aboard!

aboutaaWe are back to our 29-days schedule and from 15th March, you can start Anchors Aweigh!
Set sail along the sea of baffling Battleship puzzles to get to Yubotu Island. Rumour has it that it is home to an undisturbed buried treasure!


I’ve checked the puzzles for the last time and am proud to say that I’m happy with all of them. 7 puzzles make up this event and some insight is required.
The About page is up (you can find all you need to know there) and on 13th April one lucky solver will win a copy of Thomas Snyder’s first book “Battleship Sudoku”, published back in 2008.
Read the rules, start at “Puzzle 1” in the menu above and I’ll see you at Yubotu Island!
This entire event should take veterans only a few hours, but I give you almost a month. If you have some downtime in the next 4 weeks, why don’t you join us?

Bon Voyage!


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